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JG 1943 Handcuffs

JG Handcuffs

Last year we had a round of discussion about JG handcuffs. Here is another pair. The cuffs are marked JG1943 and have an English broad arrow. They are made in a "retro" backstrap Darby style with a built up hinge that emulates the appearance of a backstrap hinge. The keys also emulate the appearance of classic Hiatt keys from the late 19th century, but are thicker than the original keys. This retro look was also a feature of war time Ruben Craddock & Son (RCS) handcuffs. Overall the JG cuffs are similar, but not the same as RCS cuffs. This pair has matching serial numbers (5230) on end of the cuff barrel and on both keys. Does anyone know anything more about JG cuffs?

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