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Posted by Tim1 ( on October 02, 2002 at 23:36:05:

In Reply to: Handcuffs posted by Lynne on October 02, 2002 at 07:24:34:

Imagine me being a police sergeant for 17 years and thinking all along that securing a suspect that has just hit me with a baseball bat, attempted to stab me, or is so strung out on crank that he doesnt feel pepper mace, a blackjack, or taser , in handcuffs as being somehow (Gasp) JUSTIFIED! We cops, who also happen to be collectors, should be more sympathetic to such persons and never place them in an "inferior" position , as it might "restrict or bind" them from further assaulting us. I personally collect restraints because of the many different mechanisms and methods of restraint. I also agree with the others, collecting cuffs does not mean that they are using them on a daily basis nor are there any hidden secret fantasies of securing a city in irons. It is a hobby, just like any other, and a collecting of history, in its truest sense.
As far as a law concerning the use and application of handcuffs, I know that most every state in the union allows a Police Officer to use "whatever amount of force is necessary and resonable to effect an arrest". In my state, the law is even more detailed and includes the "blessing" to use handcuffs, nightsticks, etc.. Every police Dept. I am aware of has written, clear policies on when handcuffs shall be used. Most center around anytime an Officer feels his/her safety could be in danger and custodial arrest situations. On my Dept., failing to use handcuffs while transporting a suspect under arrest will get you 3 days off without pay. We are kinda funny about wanting to go home to our families each night after our shift ends that way.
Oh, and Lynne, I also collect badges, holsters, and GOOD LORD........Guns. I don't even want to know your opinion on that subject.

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