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Posted by Anon ( on May 08, 2003 at 09:39:23:

In Reply to: leg irons made in japan or britain posted by megan on May 08, 2003 at 06:50:32:

In the United Kingdom leg irons are generally considered to be instruments of torture and are not used by the police or prison service. The export of leg irons, oversized handcuffs and single cuffs not part of a handcuff pair (I don't have the exact wording to hand) is illegal without a licence from the Department of Trade and Industry. There is therefore no market for leg irons made in the UK, so it is unlikely any are made.

It's not quite that simple though. Hiatt in Birmingham make and export oversized handcuffs for large prisoners and it is possible that these are being used as leg irons in countries where the use of leg irons is considered acceptable. It has been reported in the local press in Birmingham that oversized handcuffs are exported to the US where the chains are lengthened by Hiatts sister company.

The manufacture of handcuffs requires intricate engineering, in which Hiatts has undoubted expertise, however welding chain is a simple task which does not require a great deal of skill. I should add that I have no personal knowledge as to the truth or otherwise of these reports.

There are no laws prohibiting the import or possession of leg irons, however in the absence of official use, the only users would appear to be collectors and the fetish community.

If it would be useful, I can obtain the legislation. Some statistics on handcuff exports have also been revealed by Parliamentary Questions.

I have no knowledge of the law or practise in Japan.

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