Leon Hormori

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Leon Hormori

American escapist Leon Hormori lived in and was based out of New York city. It is known he performed between 1908 and WW1 but little is known of him beyond these dates. Of interest is that the Mysto Magic company of New York, which manufactured and sold many escape devices to capitalize on Houdini's success, used caricature renderings of some of Hormori's manacled poses to lillustrate their magic catalog (see above). One in particular is the back facing shot of Hormori showing his back covered by many different criss crossing shackles. I have the original of this picture. ( which is shown below.)
Steve Santini

Leon Hormori Leon Hormori
Two Views of Leon Hormori

Leon Hormori

Leon Hormori's Card

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Joe Lauher - September 2003


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