The Sidney H. Radner Collection
The Great Houdini Auction

Liberace Museum
Las Vegas, NV
October 30, 2004

Handcuffs for Everyone

The Sidney Radner Houdini Collection was sold at auction in Las Vegas on October 30, 2004. Mark Lyons, owner of one of the world's top handcuff collections, sent these pictures. Thanks Mark!

Joe Fox and Sheila Cannon examine the goods
Hobnobbing with the famous, Teller from Penn & Teller
Just what one needs for idle thumbs
(Clock wise from the top, Gill Lion Tamer, Fisher, two pairs of Tower-Lyon thumb cuffs and a Peerless.)

The Famous "Guiteau" Handcuffs
An unusual Phelps with a strange lock cover and a broken Adams cuff.

A Nice Pair of Phelps Handcuffs
The auction begins.
Just Happy to be there.
Coverage by the History Channel
Picking up the goods
Ready for a night on the town.
Mark Lyons, Joe Fox, John Bushey,
and the Cannon family