The Handcuffs of the Jim Main Auction

Showtime Auction Services
will auction the following items

Friday Sept 28 - Sunday Sept 30. 2007
at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds
Ann Arbor Michigan.

Details Here

The Auction Features the Display Boards
of Escape Artist Earl Lockman

Plus some rare ones.

Oregon Boot

1. Lorey

2. Unknown Handcuff

3. Unknown Handcuff

4. Berliner Handcuff

5. Palmer Handcuff and Leg Iron

6. Matching Padlocking Handcuff and Leg Iron

7. Backstrap Darby, a Marlin and a Plug on a Chain

8. Plug Leg Irons, S.A. French Nipper and a Darby

9. A Maltby Handcuff, Some Oddball Lock (Not a Handcuff), and a Tower

10. Old "Slave Irons" and Animal Hobbles

11. A Valise Handle, a Locking Bull Nose Leader, a Padlock and a Single Shackle

12. Old Irons

13. Old Irons and a Darby Leg Iron

14. Pratt Combination Nipper

15. Tower Handcuff, Darby Handcuff and a Cavenay Handcuff

16. Darby Handcuff, Hamburg 8, and a Long Chain Tower Hancuff

17. Tower Handcuff