The Leg Iron Gallery

This is a gallery of vintage leg irons. The date given is the date of the original patent of the leg iron shown or the approximate date of introduction. The country of origin is the place where the cuff is thought to have been manufactured. Some of the data in this table is in doubt and there are almost certainly errors. Please send an email or leave a note in the guestbook if you can correct any errors or supply any additional information about the items pictured here.

Vintage leg irons are defined roughly as those made in the period from the beginning of the twentieth century through the 1970s. Many more modern examples exist, but they are intentionally not included with this gallery.

Unless otherwise credited all text and pictures presented on these web pages are copyrighted © 2003 by Joseph W. Lauher. All rights are reserved. Text and pictures may not be copied without permission.

Name Picture Date
Patent or
American Handcuff Company, Fond du Lac
American Handcuff Co. Leg Iron 1960s USA
American Munitions
American Munitions Chicago 1940s USA
American Munitions
Fond du Lac
American Munitions Wisconsin 1950s USA
Bean Leg Iron Bean Leg Iron Late 19th Century USA
Bean Cobb Leg Iron Bean Cobb Leg Iron 1899 USA
Clejuso Leg Iron Clejuso Leg Iron 1950s? Germany
Frogatt Leg Iron Frogatt Leg Iron Late 19th Century UK
German Leg Iron
of Unknown Origin
Unknown German Leg Iron Mid 20th Century? Germany?
Harrington and Richardson Harrington and Richardson 1930s USA
Harvard Leg Iron Harvard Leg Iron 1940s USA
Hiatt Bean Leg Iron Hiatt Bean Leg Iron Early 20th Century UK/USA
Judd Leg Iron Judd Leg Iron 1920s USA
Lilly Leg Iron Lilly Leg Iron Late 19th Century USA
Mattatuck Leg Iron Mattatuck Leg Iron Very early 20th Century USA
Plug Leg Iron
of Unknown Origin
Plug Leg Iron Late 19th Century? USA?
Providence Tool Company Providence Leg Iron 1860s USA
Rankin Leg Iron Rankin Leg Iron Late 19th Century USA
Romer Leg Iron Romer Leg Iron 1880s USA
Strauss Leg Iron Strauss Leg Iron 1930s USA
Tower Ball and Chain
Tower Ball and Chain Late 19th Century USA
Tower Bottom Key Leg Iron Tower Bottom Key Leg Iron 1870s USA
Tower Leg Iron
Double Locking
Tower Double Locking Leg Iron 1880s USA
Tower Leg Iron
by Balco
Balco Tower Leg Iron 1920s USA
Tower Leg Iron Copy
of Unknown Origin
Tower Leg Iron - Unknown Version 1930s? USA
Unknown Darby Style
Leg Iron
Unknown Darby Leg Iron Late 19th Century? UK?

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